Local Jurisdiction & Agency Projects

City of Lake Oswego On-Call Work

Compass Land Surveyors has provided land surveying services to the City of Lake Oswego since 2010 under several on-call contracts. Work orders have involved topographic mapping of existing streets for new pedestrian safety zones and access, and field surveying and drafting for small drainage projects. We have recently completed extensive surveying at Marylhurst Pump Station and for a replacement sewer line in the residential area along Lake Front Road.

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Clackamas River Water On-Going Services

Compass has worked extensively with Clackamas River Water (CRW) since 2010 and has recently begun work on the 152nd Reservoir Site. Work for CRW includes:

  • 152nd Reservoir Site Boundary Survey, Right-of-Way Determination, Easements, Topographic Mapping
  • Bell Ave Water Line Replacement Construction Layout
  • Carver Transmission Intertie Project Boundary Survey, Right-of-Way Determination, Topographic Mapping, Construction Layout
  • Curtis Court Water Line Replacement Boundary Survey, Right-of-Way Determination, Easements, Topographic Mapping
  • Kirkwood Pump Station Replacement Boundary Survey, Right-of-Way Determination, Easements, Topographic Mapping
  • Mangan Road Facility Water Treatment Plant Boundary Survey, Right-of-Way Determination, Easements, Topographic Mapping & Permanent Control Points
  • Mather Road Reservoir Drain Line Boundary Survey, Right-of-Way Determination, Easements, Topographic Mapping & Permanent Control Points, Offsite Floodplain Mapping

Location: Clackamas County, Oregon

Clean Water Services On-Going Services

Compass has completed numerous projects for Clean Water Services (CWS), including preparation of exhibit maps for easement documents, topographic design mapping for drawings, and exhibit maps for easement documents. This work has encompassed conditions along creeks and adjacent wetlands. Projects have included:

  • Broadmoor Sewer Upgrade Neighborhood Mapping
  • Metzger Trunk Project Topographic Mapping
  • Parkview Storm Rehabilitation Easement Exhibit Maps & Topographic Mapping 
  • Locust Street Sanitary Sewer Upgrade Right-of-Way & Property Line Determination, Topographic Mapping
  • Cornelius Pump Station Improvements Boundary survey, Topographic Mapping, Easement Documents & Construction Layout

Location: Multnomah and Washington Counties

METRO On-Call Contract

Compass has completed more than a dozen projects for Metro since 2011. Our work has spanned the gamut of land and facility types managed by METRO, which includes parks, natural areas, cemeteries, waste centers, and urban developments. Recent projects include:

  • Borland Road Maintenance Yard Topographic Mapping, West Linn, OR
  • Canemah Bluff Natural Area Boundary Survey & Property Line Marking, Clackamas County, OR
  • Lower Tualatin Headwaters Target Area Boundary Survey, Washington County, OR
  • NW Johnson Road/Mason Hill Park Right-of-Way Determination & Line Posting, Portland, OR
  • Ogden Middle School – Newell Creek Canyon Target Area, Portland, OR
  • Pratt Partition & Access Easement, Clackamas County, OR
  • River Island Restoration Historic Property Research, Topographic Mapping & Field Surveying, Clackamas River, OR
  • Sandy River Boundary Survey, Multnomah County, OR
  • Springville Road/Reed-Burger Property, Westside Trail Target Area Property Survey & Line Posting, Portland, OR

Location: Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties, Oregon

Oregon City Main Street Reconstruction

This project involved extensive survey work in 2010 along Oregon City’s historic Main Street District from 5th to 15th street for the reconstruction and upgrading of sidewalks and street lighting. The project was later expanded to include mapping of existing street utilities for future storm drainage and waterline improvements. Compass also extensively researched existing right of way lines and property lines along the project corridor and conducted detailed mapping of all storefront features. Due to a short schedule, survey work permitted only during non-business hours, and the exacting data capture requirements, our field crews used a variety of state of the art survey technologies to complete the project.

Location: City of Oregon City

Port of Portland On-Going Survey Services

Compass has worked with the Port of Portland since 1990. Our range of more than 25 projects encompasses mapping, construction layout, boundary survey, ALTA surveys, and QA/QC contract work. We have provided professional surveying services at the Portland International Airport, Hillsboro Airport, Troutdale and Mulino sites, and the Rivergate area. Significant recent projects include:

  • Troutdale-Reynolds Industrial Park QA/QC & As-Builts, Troutdale, OR
  • Marine Terminal 4 Entrance Road Horizontal & Vertical Control, Utilities Mapping, Construction Staking and As-Builts, Portland, OR
  • Triangle Aviation ALTA/NSPS Survey, Portland, OR
  • Hillsboro Airport ALTA Survey Hillsboro, OR
  • Ramsey Rail improvements QA/QC of Construction, Portland, OR

Location: Multnomah and Washington Counties

TriMet On-Call Work

Compass has provided land surveying services to TriMet over three decades. Almost every component of the Portland Metro Area’s robust multi-modal transit system – park-n-rides, light rail lines, and bus shelters – has involved some work by Compass. Significant projects have included:

  • 17th Avenue Secured Parking Facility Topographic Mapping & Control Restoration, Portland OR
  • Civic Drive Max Station Construction Staking, Gresham, OR
  • Downtown Cornelius Bus Shelter Right-of-Way & Lane Widening Boundary Survey, Cornelius, OR
  • GPS positioning for the Yellow, Red, Blue and Green Max Lines, Multnomah County, OR
  • Hillsboro Light Rail Utility Relocation Construction Layout, Hillsboro, OR
  • Orange Line Sewer/Water Construction Layout, Milwaukie, OR 
  • SE Boise at 17th Transit Mall Topographic Mapping & Control Restoration, Portland, OR
  • Willamette Shoreline Railway Topographic Mapping of Multiple Storm Culvert Crossings, Portland, OR

Location: Portland, Oregon

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